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Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you still need help, you can reach us by email at or phone at (586) 445-3661, x2200.

Information For Voters

Am I registered to vote? Where do I go on election day?

You can use the Department of State’s Voter Information Center to search for voters’ information by name or driver’s license number. Or visit at our Voting Locations page to find your precinct number and polling location . For more information on registering to vote, check out the Register to Vote page. 

What will my ballot look like?

Please visit our What’s On The Ballot page for information about the upcoming election and links to view sample ballots. You can also visit the Secretary of State’s Michigan Voter Information Center to see a sample ballot. Be sure to select your correct County, City, and Precinct, and check back often to see if there are updates. The website also provides links to more information, including proposal and candidate websites and campaign finance information.

How can I find out about past election results?

You can find the latest and historical election results at Macomb County’s Election Results page.

How and Where to Vote

When does early voting start?

Michigan voters can also vote before Election Day through a process called absentee in-person voting. The period for absentee in-person voting runs from Monday September 20, 2021 to Tuesday, November 3, 2021, but dates and hours may vary based on where you live.

Where can I vote on election day?

Please visit our Voting In Person page to see a list of polling locations. Make sure to review our Voter ID requirements as well.

Ranked Choice Voting

Who is elected using ranked-choice voting?

Eastpointe voters use ranked-choice voting to elect members of the city council. This year ranked choice voting will be used to elect two members of the city council

Do I need to rank all candidates? 

No. Voters can rank up to 4 candidates. If you do not want to rank some candidates, leave columns blank.

In prior elections, I could vote for up to two candidates. Why do I rank candidates now?

In June 2019, the City of Eastpointe announced that it had adopted RCV as part of a settlement agreement with the United States Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. The City Council agreed to change the City’s method of voting in an effort to assure all voters that their choice is given fair and equal consideration. 

If I rank other candidates, does it affect my first choice?

No. Ranking other candidates does not affect your first choice. Only your first choice is counted in Round 1. Your second, third, and fourth choices will be considered only if your first-choice candidate does not win or has more votes than necessary to win.

Under what circumstances can my first choice be eliminated?

 If no candidate receives more than 33.3% of first-choice votes, the last-place candidate is eliminated. If your first choice is eliminated, your next choice will be counted, and so on.

If I really want my first-choice candidate to win, should I rank the candidate as my first, second, and third choice, and so on?

 No. Your vote can count only once for your first choice. If you rank the same candidate first, second, third, and fourth, it is the same as leaving the second, third, and fourth choices blank.

Can I give multiple candidates the same ranking?

No. If you give multiple candidates the same ranking, this is called an “overvote”. Your vote in that rank and later ranks cannot be counted.

What if I have more questions?

 If you have further questions about Ranked Choice Voting, call the Eastpointe City Clerk at (586) 445-3661, x2200, or email

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